Mar 24 2014

Renewing your drivers license is a must for a host of reasons

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osama drivers license 300x190 Renewing your drivers license is a must for a host of reasonsIf your driver’s license needs to be renewed you have a window period of grace before the expiry date kicks in, but once your license is out of date, you had better watch out as you could find yourself on the wrong end of the law plus your insurance could refuse to pay you out should you be involved in an accident.

Driving without a current driver’s license could be viewed as being an unlicensed driver, therefore your insurance house or service provider has every right to refute any claim if you are involved in an accident – both your own vehicle and the other party’s vehicle will not be protected and if there are injuries incurred to either party these are not going to be covered either. That is why it is so important to attend to your driver’s licence renewal before it becomes a problem.

Why you need to use Don’t-Q for your driver’s licence renewal:

  • Our professional representatives will ensure that all the necessary documentation in gathered for the renewal of your driver’s license.
  • If you don’t have an entire day or morning to take out from your busy schedule, then it might be an option to use us to stand in long queues on your behalf.
  • We will collect all the necessary documentation for you, process the documentation at the Licensing Department and deliver all the necessary.

This is what will be required from you in order for us to renew your driver’s license:

  • You will need four black and white photos with a white background – and you are not permitted to smile in the photos.
  • Your current driver’s license which has not passed the expiry date, or your passport or your green bar-coded SA ID book.

But you need to have your fingerprints taken and your eyes tested – how can we assist? This is easy as Don’t-Q will collect you and take you to the Licensing Department – the best part of all is that there will be no queuing because we will organise a rep who will be waiting in the front of the queue for you; life does not get much better than this.

Once the process is completed you will be issued with a temporary license which is valid for no less than six months and after six weeks you will receive your renewed license.

Your driver’s license renewal is important – ensure yours is up to date at all times in order to stay above the law. Our Don’t-Q representative will assist every step of the way to ensure yours is an easy and uncomplicated process.

Visit DontQ Today!

Otherwise for more information visit - Department of home affairs

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Mar 19 2014

Drive this Honda beast with no license

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honda 300x200 Drive this Honda beast with no license

If you feel like riding a motorcycle, with no driver’s license, try this: Honda makes it possible to completely and legally drive this puppy with no license on the track. SORRY ALL this is only in Germany.


Under the guidance of professional driving instructors, those who are interested can take on various Honda models 125-750 cc for their first exercises on the bikes.


To participate, you must be at least 17 years old and are cordially invited by Honda to test this our. Continue Reading »

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Mar 10 2014

Driver-less cars – will we need licenses

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driverless cars 300x200 Driver less cars   will we need licensesWith driver-less cars starting to take shape and form in the USA – it’s not long before it hits South Africa.

Google received the first license to test driverless cars in Nevada, paving the way for a revamped driving culture.

The cars pilot themselves using lasers installed in the roof and grill, and passengers often do not have to touch the brakes or steering wheel to reach their destination.

Las Vegas residents may see the test batch out on the streets immediately, identified by a red license plate with an infinity symbol on it. Don’t expect empty vehicles picking up their passengers, because two people must be present in the cars at all times. Continue Reading »

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Jun 10 2013

Free credit check – is it really free?

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 Free credit check – is it really free?Whether you are seeking financial advice or looking to elevate your credit status, getting a credit report is your starting point.  But does it cost.  Well sure someone will pay for the credit report but you can get it free from a service provider.  They usually will pay for it, provide it free to you then offer you a service that you will need to pay for it, however, this is usually for your benefit.

There is no doubt that a credit report is the source of your credit health, which affects your financial wellbeing, today and tomorrow. If you are a credit-active consumer, getting your free credit report means that you can take control of your credit reputation by owning your credit report and future. Your free credit report remains your passport to credit, so manage it and protect it well.

Your free credit report will tell you, amongst other things, who has been checking up on you.  What accounts you have and how they are being managed.  Whether there are trace alerts, adverse or judgements against you and most important of all – what your credit profile and score looks like.

You can get these in South Africa, where the information is shared between the major credit bureaus; Transunion (The old ITC), Experien and XDS (the new kid on the block).  The data remains basically the same but it seems like Transunion own at least 70% of the credit data.

You can improve your credit view with some easy steps and these include paying your accounts on time, checking and updating your information with the credit bureaus regularly and keeping your credit clean.

Most importantly, is start today? If you have more debt than you can manage a debt counsellor can help you lower your instalments or debt and even cancel a credit agreement if there was reckless lending by a creditor. Debt Counselling can lower your interest rates or extend the term of your loan while still maintaining your standard of living.

If you have a judgement and need legal advice remember – anyone can rescind a judgment and have their credit reputation repaired with the right professional legal help. A lawyer can give you sound professional advice on how to this, but you will need a lawyer to apply for the rescission of judgment, or administration order.

With this information at your fingertips the decision is simple:

Are you credit worthy or not – and that is why you need to start at the beginning.

So if you would like to sign up for your FREE credit report go to Wizard Midrand -

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Feb 20 2013

Apply For Your ID Online – Better Still Pay Someone To Assist

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If you are thinking of standing in a lengthy queue to apply for your ID, it might be a far better option to apply for your ID online; alternatively pay for someone to do this on your behalf. But it does not stop there – when time is far more valuable than money it might be a good idea to pay someone to do a whole host of different tasks on your behalf.


Delegate the boring bits – there are a growing number of life management companies in SA who will do anything from paperwork to picking up your dry-cleaning. Choose a lifestyle company management service who will come in and de-clutter your life, perform errands on your behalf, buy flowers and gifts (although these can quite easily be done online), organise your travel and your entertainment arrangements, do your housework and even house sit for you.


For R150 an hour you can hire a company who will pay your bills and fines, organise quotes, buy and wrap presents, organise events and a lot more. Although many of these tasks can be done online, it is often easier to just pay someone to do these for you.


For a more business-like approach get yourself a virtual PA who can make all your arrangements on your behalf as well as complete secretarial and reception tasks without taking up any space in your real office. Prices will be negotiated according to your needs. Did you know there are companies that will also do your grocery shopping, stand in queues and pick up your fave DVD?


If you find that time is more important than money apply for you ID online, do your banking online, buy gifts and flowers online or simply hire someone else to stand in queues, rent a shuttle to take you to the airport or rent a handyman to do those chores you somehow never seem to get around to doing.



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May 17 2012

Verifying your status update on your Renewed Passport

Now that after the sacrifices and sweat has been said and done, the last leg in seeing your efforts bearing fruits all that is needed from you is to wait painstakingly how the application process for renewing goes which you can do that through the verification process brought to you by the Home Affairs at just the easiest way you would be able flow with. And that method the way it is so easy at its best is when you track your application online as to how thus far it’s going. The second step to implement thereafter would be to enquiring about application for renewed passport how it goes which you would need to do so by handing out your ID numbers, enquire on your Passport book application status and verifying with your marital status as a means of processing your verification process swiftly like that which after doing you would be able to know do you stand from.
So one other last thing you would need to know about this service is intended for use by individuals to verify their own passport status only. Any attempt(s) to verify the passport status of others or to use or access the service in any way other than described above is expressly prohibited. Surely since you have just been informed as to how and what this process goes, you would by now know what is expected of you to submit to verify your stature with regards to your application and stuff, aren’t you? 
To know all of this and more, waste no further amount of time to simply pay a kind visit at to capture all of the information of this and more at the grandest detail you would love to get and know all under their site.

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May 17 2012

Steps to follow in Renewing your South African Passport

As we all do know some of the basic criteria to follow when we require the service of seeing your SA passport getting lifted that is obviously renewing it is to follow such of the guidelines that I am about to give you. The first step is that of South African travelers need to be in possession of a passport for travel purposes outside of the countrys borders. Travel documents are issued by the Department of Home Affairs. Applicants should note that In terms of section 26(B) of the South African Citizenship Act, 1995, it is a punishable offence for a South African citizen of 18 years and older to leave or enter South Africa on a foreign passport. However, as a holder of that Passport be in the know that it is expected of you as a your tourist passport be valid for 10 years and must Passports must be valid for at least 30 days after the intended date of departure. Passports should also have at least two blank pages for entry stamps. At the very same time, you are expected to contact one of your nearest home affairs office to validate it again which what is expected out of you if your South African passport expires you have to complete a new application to get a new passport. 

To apply for the passport, you must submit the following documents:   a duly completed passport application Form DHA-73, our original identity document and a copy, or a birth certificate and copy thereof if under 16 or if above 18 years to submit proof of parental consent for issuing of the passport. Furthermore, even if you are applying for the Foreign Passport you would need to submit the completed determination of citizenship Form DHA-529 when applying from abroad. Also you will requested to present any existing valid tourist passport or if you have lost your passport or it has been stolen and you are applying for a new passport,  you must provide a loss of passport report (DHA-335 ) and confirmation that you reported the loss to the police. The other rest like the 2 recent passport sized photographs of you would be needed together with the administration issuing fee of it.

now that is it guys, the service that is best served by Department of Home Affairs and do make sure if you would love to receive such service to best begin paying a visit through one of their nearest office and be valid to go beyond the area bound that is expected out of you. 

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May 17 2012

How to Renew your South African Passport

Usually we all know that when you need to register for passport the actual destination to head to is none other than the Department of Home Affairs which you can do so on your nearest depot to get that service. As much as I would love to hint you to save your cash that is to encourage you to book your space by being the early bird at your nearest Home Affairs department, chances are still unlikely that you will get the queue being as short as you bargained for it to be which is why you would to come up with some of the easiest and workable methods to best benefit you in the long run to just get the service right on time. so with that in mind then  let us rather stick to this old school one which is that of going earlier to your nearest service centre that is Home Affairs, Traffic Department or even the other private service providers whom they can act as the third party on your behalf to get that service. 

So the right documents that are essentially needed for you to qualify for the service to be rendered for you to renew your passport needs ones like your SA ID document, Passport photos  usually come in sets of 4 and cost about R45, 00, old passport which is optional though, cash and obviously a bit of patience till your turn comes. Thereafter the services had been said and done, all that is needed from you would be waiting for the 14 working days to get your hard earned  possession right at the correct address you have mentioned on your information details. 

Well with such procedures that I have mentioned over here, I hope you will walk the talk that is in ensuring that likewise too practice that sacrifice that will bet ensure you get yours at such a sheer record breaking time you will love to see that taking place and do all of that as a matter of now! 

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May 17 2012

Applying for the Official South African Passport

No matter how demanding it is for you to own this Green bar coded book that is the SA Passport that will after doing so will going to last you ten years to come, you would need to sacrifice just a bit in making sure all of what I have just mentioned to work for you or else would have to stand on the lines nursing your miseries for having not done so. With that in mind, right here on this spot I am about to divulge some of the essential information that will come in huge favor to know what is expected of you if you were on the verge of applying for it, that is the SA passport. So without further delay, first and foremost what is needed for you to if you want to board a plane and go overseas would be to  apply for a South African passport and submit all of the required information and documents that supports your application process to be successful. Whether your application for passport is for temporary passport, official passport, temporary passport or emergency passport all that is needed from you is submitting papers like would need to fill out a form BI-73, and then submit this to a Home Affairs domestic office, and if overseas, then you would have to submit this to a South African embassy or mission. It is also important to have proof of identity, two passport photos, have your fingerprints taken and pay a fee of R190.00. Processing takes approximately ten weeks to issue, and is valid for ten years.

Like this one here for an example, which is that of the officials passport is issued to South African officials who are travelling on official government business. For an officials passport you will need two passport photos, fill out a BI-73 form, have proof of identity, and have your fingerprints taken. This is also submitted to the Department of Home Affairs locally, and an embassy or mission overseas. This passport is valid for a five year period. 

You will love the highest standards that this government uses to give you the absolute sheer service you deserve not forgetting the Batho pele principles that are on the forefront you will love and be satisfied to get and pay them a warm visit today to fulfill your essential documentation process today. 

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May 17 2012

All About Don’t Q Services

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The days of painstakingly waiting in the long queue in the line for rock of ages to get the best service you need to come to an end as there are outsourcing companies out there that can come to rescue you give you all of that service on the fastest way. amongst some of the aspects that you might need to get the attention of fulfilling right on time would when you need to renew your Passport right before it expires but for the mere fact that we all know that the lengthy procedure you would need to bypass in order to get your attention it happens to give you constant worry as you have to queue for a longtime. So if then you didnt know that theres a service provider that can just do all of that, be in the know that there is a company that does all of that which is Dont Q the leading company for concierge queuing services in Gauteng. We take the hassle out of applying for documents such as Passport Renewals, Car Licenses, ID documents and Certificates together with lots more of the other services that burden you off. 

With a special focus on passport renewals, Dont Q prides itself to walk the extra mile that is in queuing for you till you get the service you deservingly paid for at the right time when you are in need of the renewing your passports right on time that leaves you with the time to think about your journey ahead before you embark on. So the services that Dont Q offers with regards to passports and other services is that they help you to register and renew SA and international passports at the especially lowest costs. It is also important to have proof of identity, two passport photos, have your fingerprints taken and pay a fee of R190.00. Processing takes approximately ten weeks to issue, and is valid for ten years. 

So there you go  then people and I definitely hope you will make reasonable strides to begin walking the talk rather than waiting on the long queues to get that service in just convenient matter of time and do make sure that you to do just so like others do. 

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